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Ultrason Bat repeller

a programmable outdoor ultrasonic bird or bat repeller.


First-ever ultrasonic bat or bird repellent for EXTERIOR USE.
Unique “silent to humans” harassments get rid of birds and bats for good. 
Targets these pests with unrelenting newest-technology ultrasonic waves! 
This powerful sound attack forces them to leave for good, yet it is harmless to them or the environment.

Heavy-duty “surround sound”. Separate control box plus four powerful directional speakers (each with 100’ of wire) offer greatest all-around flexibility.

Easy Operation. 110vAC electricity, adaptor included. 

Call 1-877-820-0570 for information and ordering.

Unique ULTRASONIC SOUNDS guard your property all day and night, like a silent security guard. Sounds move from speaker to speaker, delivering a constant, menacing multi-bird defense.

Coverage. 3600 square feet; 900 sq ft from each speaker.

Programmable. High, Medium & Low frequencies plus variations offer a customizable solution

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 #USX-110 Ultrason-Bat 110vAC  $589.95 + S&H  
  #USX-220 Ultrason-Bat 220vAC  $609.95 + S&H  
Dimensions Control Unit 9" x 9" x 5" speakers 4" x 4" x 6" 
Speakers 8 ohms, 30 watts 
Weight 15 pounds 
Coverage Up to 3600 square feet 
Power Requirements 110vAC (220vAC available) 
Sound Pressure 95-102 dB (each speaker) @ 1 meter 
Frequency 15-25 KHz 
Compliance Supply power source is UL and CE listed. 
EPA Est. 075130-OR-001
Click here for information about BATS


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