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If you are not totally satisfied with this product you pay nothing

      Turn your house into a Giant pest repelling device

The Attack wave is recommended for large open continuous space areas like garages, warehouses or out buildings up to 5000 sq ft. for each unit.

 $41.95 if you purchase 1 or 2 units.

     Click button to add this Attack Wave mice and rat repelling devices to your  secure shopping cart for  $ 41.95 each + S&H. 


$36.95 if you purchase 3 or more units.

     Special volume buy. Click button to Purchase THREE or more Attack Wave mice and rat repelling devices $ 36.95 each  +S&H.  Must order at lest three to get this price

Get rid of household pest.  

WARNING: these pest repellers are safe for humans and most pets. Do not use if you own hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, white mice or other small animals.  A slight clicking sound will be emitted from unit, this is normal for product.

Free Trial policy 

Ultrasonic sound waves oscillates between varying frequencies in order to ensure that the pests don't become accustomed to the frequencies.

The ultrasound emitted silently from the Pest Control device is originally sent out in a radar like fashion. Once each sound hits a barrier (wall or furniture) it then bounces off of the barrier scattering in all directions..

Safe for Pets and Children. This product is not harmful to your household pets- cats, dogs, birds, and fish but should not be use if you have hamsters, gerbils or rodent pets . This product may reduce the need for dangerous or questionable chemicals thus it a great product to make you home safer for your family.

How it works: Think of yourself renting a nice apartment in a quiet neighborhood. Then one day the apartment next to you is rented by a rock band. They fight, yell, throw beer cans against the walls and play very loud rock music every night all night long. You can put up with it for a while, but you will soon be looking for a different place to live. That is the way this device works to drive the pest away. Simply it disturbs them and they soon start looking for a better place to live.  The cliche, "The more the merrier" truly does fit the ultrasonic type pest repeller.  The more devices you have broadcasting ultrasound around the house the better they work.  In short you turn your house into a great big ultrasonic no crawl zone!

Insect Control with Ultrasonic/Electro-magnetic Technologies
Ultrasonic pest repelling devices attempts to make the environment uncomfortable for the bats so they will find another place to live. This type of device puts out ultrasonic waves from 27,000 Hz to 85,000 Hz depending on the model. The sound compression level is 115 to 180 decibel depending on the model and technique of measurements. Now, thatís a lot of noise. Normal conversation is about 65 decibels and the pain threshold for humans is 120 decibels. Thank goodness our ears are not able to detect sound in the ultrasonic ranges put out by these devices. These devices will flood the area with ultrasonic (silent to us) waves which will bounce in all direction. We humans can and sometimes do tolerate a very noisy environment. Some teenager even pay money to have their ears blasted at a rock concert. Most people when given a choice will seek a quiet and peaceful environment to eat, sleep or just relax. Thatís the idea behind ultrasonic/Electro-magnetic pest control. The claim is not that these devices are 100% effective, but that they are another tool to help in the fight against the bothersome and sometime diseased pest.

The Electro-magnetic feature pushed by many companies alters the magnetic field around the wiring in your home. The companies that use this technology add the feature to their more expensive pest control devices to drive pest out of the walls in addition to the ultrasonic broadcast trying to repel a larger area not limited by walls. There have been many empirical claims by manufactures and customers, but very little scientifically controlled, peer reviewed studies to prove it's effectiveness. As of this year some manufactures have made an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission to stop making claims as to it's effectiveness until further studies are made. 

These ultrasonic devices do not use the electro-magnetic feature..

Here are the benefits 1st and Foremost, Inc hopes to provide for you. 

Keep in mind we offer a Free trial. Review the complete policy by clicking the Free trial Policy link in the left column.  If it solves your problem we both will be happy.

2. You will use less poison bait or pesticides around you home or family.

3. You will not have odor and the mess that pest make.

4. We promise that our service will be prompt and courteous. Our goal is 110% customer service satisfaction.




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