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The DeerChaser™  Guaranteed to get rid of Deer. 

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Motion-sensing DeerChaser™ helps keep deer off your property.
The DeerChaser will cycle on and off as motion is detected in order to be effective. The device senses movement in a 110° area, up to 25’ away. Works day and night. Safe around pets. Three “D” batteries (not included) last up to three months, depending on activation length and setting. Weatherproof housing includes mounting bracket, and measures 4”x10-1⁄4”.   


  • specific for Deer repelling
  • Keep those Deer a safe distance from your plants
  • Deer carry ticks and ticks carry Lyme's diseases (drive them away)
  • Effective and humane
  • Eliminates the need for ugly fences
  • Great for garden and play areas
  • Safe for use around children


The DeerChaser™ was developed and field tested by Lee Reich, PhD.  Dr. Reich is an avid gardener who, after almost a decade in plant and soil research with the USDA and Cornell University, turned to writing , lecturing and consulting. He is a frequent speaker at many gardening events, including garden symposia and clubs, grower conferences, and Master Gardner training workshops.  Dr. Reich has written regularly for such publications as Fine Gardening, Horticulture, and The New York Times and his gardening column for Associated Press appears weekly in newspapers across the country. His garden has been featured in such publications as the New York Times and Martha Stewart Living, and has won awards from National Gardening and Organic Gardening magazines.

Do a web search on Lee Reich, PhD and you will see more of his writings and work.

Studies have shown that White-tailed deer account for the highest level of wildlife damage in New York State. With the advent of semi-urban deer populations and damage to ornamentals and other household plants are at an all time high. Many plant species thrive because of the protection DeerChaser™ provides. A single deer can eat up to nine pounds of vegetation each day.


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10.25 inches


4.0 inches


1 lb 3oz

Sound and light duration

15 sec to 7 min ( user adjustable)

Mounting height

Variable (user adjustable)


Up to 25 ft with 110 degree coverage zone

Batteries (not included)

3 of the D cells








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