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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I be able to hear any sound from this unit?
A. People with good high frequency hearing may hear some of the sounds.

Q. Will the ultrasonic sound penetrate through walls or flooring?
A. No. The ultrasonic frequencies do not go through solid objects. Ultrasound will ricochet off of solid surfaces and tend to be absorbed by soft surfaces, such as a sofa or drapes. 

Q. How many units do I need?
A. That depends on which unit you choose.  Since ultrasound will not penetrate through walls, ceilings or floors, you will need unit for each level of the house if you have a multi-level home.  You may want to buy extra units to place in trouble spots such as the garage or pantry.  I recommend that the units be placed prominently in you living area, so to drive the pest away from your family.

Q. How long will the unit be effective?
A.  We have many customers that have reported positive results with their units for many years. All of our scientific studies are by necessity conducted over a relatively short period of time, so we do not have scientific evidence on how long each unit will continue to be effective.  There are no moving parts within the unit, so it should last for many years.

Q. Is this unit the answer to all of my pest control problems?
A. No, since many factors can affect pest control results, we recommend using our products in conjunction with good pest control management practices. Use the product continuously and make sure that the sound is not blocked by furniture or appliances. Put all food away and clean up any crumbs or spills. Food will always be a strong attractant to pests even in the presence of an ultrasonic repellent. Repair any openings that provide access into the area you are trying to protect.

Q. What if I am dissatisfied with the results I am achieving?
A. Click here to read our free trial policy

Q. Will the ultrasonic sound emitted from the unit harm my pet?
A. We have not received any reports of household pets such as dogs, cats, birds and fish being harmed by our products. Pet mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, hedge hogs, ferrets, and tarantulas should be kept away from the unit it will likely drive them nuts.

Q. Will the unit interfere with or damage electronic devices such as computers, televisions, or audio products?
A. No.

Q. What is the cost of operation?
A. The cost of operation is 25 to 30 cents per month depending on the cost of electricity in your area.

Q. Do the products emit any harmful electro-magnetic (E.M.) radiation?
A. No, but some of the models send an electro-magnetic pulse through the wiring in the house.  It doses not damage the wiring or any appliances plugged in to the system.  And is not a danger to you.

Q. What is this electro-magnetic pulse that is listed as a feature of some of the models.   It is a pulse that alters the magnetic field around the wiring.  The companies that developed this technology add this feature to their pest control devices to drive pest out of the walls in addition to the ultrasonic broadcast trying to repel a larger area not limited by walls.  There has been lots of empirical claims by customers and the manufactures, but very little scientifically controlled and peer reviewed studies to prove it's effectiveness.  As of this year some manufactures have made an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission to stop making claims as to it's effectiveness until further studies are made.

Q. What about poison bait, mousetraps and glue traps?
A. Household pests will consider traps and poison an easily accessible source of food and they can potentially draw more pests into the area. We recommend removing any such food sources prior to using our units.   Traps work, but they are troublesome.  Poisons left unattended are always a danger to pet and children.




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