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Bark device testimonials     Q&A Bark device      

The main question potential customers want an answer to  is,  "How well does this thing work?".  I have listed some customer comments from emails I have received.

I have been selling the ultrasonic type anti-barking device for about 9 years. My return rate selling to the retail customer is about 15%. This means to me that 85% of my customers have solved their dog barking problem or at lest improved the situation.  This return rate takes into account every reason you can think of such as, 

1...the dog died
2...the dog moved away
3...the customer is going to move
4...the neighbor took it and demanded that it be sent back
5...the police took the dog away
6...the customer tried to use it on a dog that is much to
faraway. This is the most common reason for the return
7...the device failed. This happens less that 3% of the time. was too loud and gave me a headache (I donít understand
this because it can be set to silent.)
There are many other reasons, but these seem to be the most common.


Mr. Hodges, After months and months of our nieghbors dogs non-stop barking we found your web site and purchased the super bark off that same day. We recieved it and the bird house in a couple of days. Within 10 minutes of mounting Super Bark Off we and our nieghborhood were silent. Simply amazing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Rick & Cheri , Spanaway Wa.


We bought the super bark free over a month ago and it really is 'super'! we have a dog over the back wall that loved to comment each time we came into our own yard, relax in the hot tub,.no way, not with this character barking the entire time..leaf fall, mouse sneeze, this dog responds to all sounds however far away, or hard to hear. I wanted to kill the thing! but super bark free has made life enjoyable again and it started right away, we set it to three barks so he would get the idea, and now, aside from normal barking one expects from a dog, he is pleasant to be around at last. the audible sound even sends his mommy in the house to talk loudly on her cell phone.[she thinks its the phone..LOL..I flip the switch and that ear piercing noise zings across, et voila! dog and owner silenced. I love it! 
Thanks much, Molly in Vegas

Dear Mr. Hodges, Yes, the Super Bark-Free is effective. As the instructions suggest, the lower frequency setting works better for a large dog (i.e. a  Rottweiler). Thanks, Richard of Anaheim, CA     

  The Super Bark-Free is a Great Anti-Barking Device. Worked in less than 2 weeks and also in the pooring down rain. Thanks so much.  Mary of Brentwood, CA  

 I am so tired of getting ripped off from companies with their gadgets and junk they say will solve my problems. Still had to do something. I am going out of my mind with my two dogs with such nuisance barking all the time I had to give your company a try. This is the best money I have ever invested and I don't mind telling you without your money back guarantee.... I would not have ever tried your item.  Thank you so much for the Super Bark-Free. You have restored my faith in mankind and I sleep very very well now. Thanks again.Bill of Moneta, VA  

  Mr Hodges: I just wanted to thank you for letting me try your dog bark device and then cancelling my order without charge. You can't ask for more than that.  Wayne of Oklahoma City, OK  

  Just wish to thank you for this device. It did not stop totally the barking, but it has made a great improvement. Hope my neighbors will feel the same. Thanks again and best holiday wishes. Sincerely, Roxana of Long Island City, NY  


Just wanted to give Bark Free another "Satisfied Customer" rating - it really works; the dog next door ran back inside the house after three barks and hasn't been outside much since! Peace and quiet, after three years of incessant barking! Thank you again!

Mark and Joelene Wahlberg of Saint Paul, MN

Dear Mr. Hodges 
I purchased super bark free around January of 2007 and finally got to use it as directed (meaning within effective range) on March, 24 2007.

My neighbor has two dogs a German Sheppard and a black lab that are kenneled between their house and ours. Due to lack of attention by the owner these animals entertain themselves by barking at anything that moves and respond to barks from other dogs.

Within 24 hrs of using this device within effective range of 10 meters (about 30 feet), both dogs are so quiet that the owner took them to the Vet to find out if there was something wrong with his animals!!!!!

By gully it works, I had phone calls from my other neighbors asking me what is in that bird house that I have placed near the dogs?! They are amazed at how well it worked and the dogs are quiet.

Thank for giving me and my neighbors peace.

Thomas from Minnesota




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