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Q&A about Bat ultrasonic repelling devices used for getting rid of bats. 


Question:  Will ultrasonic pest repelling devices really cover 5000 sq. ft. like some products claim?  

Only if you live in a Glass Bell.

Some venders claim ultrasonic pest repelling device will cover 5000 sq.ft. The only way any of the ultrasonic pest repelling devices on the market will cover 5000 sq. ft is if you live in a glass bell which would be capable of bouncing the ultrasonic waves instead of absorbing them. Ultrasonic waves is readily absorbed by textured surfaces like walls, carpet, drapes and furniture. Surfaces like glass, ceramic tile or a very shinny wood floor will reflect ultrasound. So the answer to the question is, when installed in a real attic with insulation, beams and various other building material they will cover a much smaller area. One ultrasonic device broadcasting from one location point will not effectively cover more that one room no matter how much it cost or what brand it is. The Federal Trade Commission has issued letters of citation to many of the ultrasonic pest repelling device manufacturers for making exaggerated claims that could not be backed up with scientific data. Most companies have revised their claims, but there are some retailers out there still making those exaggerated claims that the manufacturers no longer claim. Understanding how to apply these devices will make getting rid of your bats quick and easy.  The key to success is to install enough units to totally engulf the area with ultrasound.  The sound should be broadcast from multiple directions in order to prevent sound shadows where the bats can hide.

Will the electromagnetic pulse feature drive the pest out of walls? 
No, not likely!

No manufacturer was able to provide any scientific data to support the claim that the electromagnetic feature hand any effect on pest. Therefore, the Federal Trade Commission forced them to stop making claims of effectiveness for this feature. The electromagnetic pulse in the wiring they are referring to is created by any electric device when the flow of electricity is stopped, started, increased or decrease. In other words these pulses are occurring all the time in the wiring of your home every time you turn a light on or off, TV on or off, TV channel change, fire up a toaster or open the garage door. Anyway you get the idea.

Does the Sweeping scale technology feature of these pest repelling devices really drive the bats and other pest away?
Yes, this is the key to getting the job done.

The (Sweeping Scale) or sometimes call (Variable Scanning) technology feature means that the device continually plays a scale of various pitch, frequency and intensity in the ultrasonic ranges. Some devices have manual settings switches, but the one we sell (model PR60) does it automatically. We have been selling this device for several years and our return rate is less that 5%. Meaning that more that 95% of our customers have either cured their bat problem or greatly improved the situation.

Can the bat repelling device be used out doors?

 These electronic devices for bats can be used outside as long as they are well protected from the weather.  Keep in mind that they must be plugged into a 110 V AC power source.  Even when used inside many people have to use extension cords to put them as close as possible to the bats.  These devices are most effective when used inside close to the bat's roosting area.


Will the bat repelling device get rid of bats that are roosting under my roof tiles of my house?

 No, Unfortunately we have not had a lot of success using these devices if the bats are in the walls or under the roof tiles.  These devices use ultrasonic noise to bother the bats while  they are roosting.  Ultrasonic sound does not penetrate solid objects very well  so, the device must be placed right in the same space as the bats in order to be effective.   The best solution for you might be to use what they call a one-way valve that allows the bats to leave but not to return. You can read about it that the following web site under the link for removal on the left.   If you need to keep the bats from roosting under the roof tiles we have a unit that the manufacture claims will work for this.  This link will take you to information about this device.  However, it costs about $600.00.  


Will the bat repelling device work through walls?

 No, these electronic pest control device use ultrasonic noise to bother the bats.  Ultrasonic sound waves do not penetrate solid objects like walls very well, so you must be able to place the device right in the same space as the bats.  Most people using them successfully are combating a bat problem in the attic, under eave, inside a specific room, in a barn loft or someplace like that.  


Will the bat repelling device get rid of the bats that are roosting in my walls?

 Unfortunately these devices really won't much if the bats are roosting inside walls.  These devices use ultrasonic noise to disturb/annoy the bats while they are trying to roost.  Ultrasonic noise does not penetrate solid objects though.  Therefore it really will not help with pests that are in the walls. If you know where the bats are entering and exiting the best solution would probably be to set up a one-way valve.  Take a heavy, thick sheet of plastic like a tarp and tape it over the
vent.  Now, I'm not sure how this will affect the temperature and air flow of the attic.  Anyhow tape the plastic flat and rather tightly against the house with the bottom of the plastic 18-24" below the vent.  Leave the bottom of the plastic loose. The bats will be able to squeeze their way out of the vent, but they will not be a will to get back up there under the plastic. This is something you really should wait to do until springtime when they are leaving their roost on a nightly basis. You could also try it if you have a warm spell, but I'm not sure how effective it will be.  After a week or two you can take the plastic off, but you'll need to make sure you have some heavy screen covering the inside or outside of the vent.  Otherwise you'll have bats again shortly.   We offer a commercial level ultrasonic device for bats, but it is expensive. It cost about $600.00 Follow this link to see details about it.  For more bat information.  


Will the device cause the bats to move out of the attic into the living are of my house?

  If you can put the device right up there in the attic with the bats it should do a good job in removing them. These devices almost always do. It's much easier when they are leaving their roost each night in search of insects.  It's very unlikely that the device would chase them down into your house.  We really have not had that problem reported in the five years we have been selling them although I admit it was a concern when we first started selling them. 


Do you have a bat repelling device that will run on batteries?

 No, sorry I do not know of a battery powered device that will get rid of the bats.  

Will the bat repelling device harm or bother my dog or cat?

 No, it will not bother or harm your dog or cat.  However, it will drive hamsters, gerbils and other rodent type pets crazy. 


How loud is the ultrasonic device?

 It is silent to humans and larger animals like dog or cats.  The sound compression level is about 120 to 130 dB, but the device runs a series of scales with frequencies between 27,000Hz and 85,000 Hz.  This variation of scales makes it unlikely the pest will become acclimated to the sound. 


What powers these devices?

 They must be plugged into the standard 110V household electrical outlet. 


How many units do I need?

 If the attic area is one large open space two units would most likely be enough.  I would place one at each end of the area facing each other.  This would prevent the bats from being able to shield themselves from the sound broadcast.  If the attic is sectioned or walled off you will need one unit in each separated space.  The trick is to make it impossible for the bats to shield themselves from the sound broadcast.


Will these devices keep the bats from flying near my porch?

These devices are not likely to absolutely keep the bats away, but they will tend to shy away from the area of intense sound.

 Are bats dangerous?

It is very rare for a bat to be infected with rabies and pass it on to a human.  It also is very rare for them to attack or fly into a person.  If they happen to fly close to you most likely they are scooping up a mosquitoes or bugs.  It is OK to want them out of your house, but you should make every effort to keep them nearby.  Placing bat houses near by will give the bats an alternative to living in your house.    See our bat houses at this web page.


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